The Debian Pre-Seed Project

Debian is a great project with wonderful leadership, but setting up a desktop takes a good amount of time and a few extra repos. I'd like to automate that task using a preseed file.

What is a Pre-seed File?

A pre-seed file is simply a file which gives answers to the questions offered by the Debian installer. It also offers the ability to add additional repositories, install additional packages, and run post-install commands. That means we can use a preseed file and a net install iso to create the perfect Debian desktop. Visit to see what's really happening.

Gnome Desktop

The Gnome Pre-seed page

KDE Desktop

The KDE Pre-seed page


The XFCE pre-seed page


The LXDE Pre-seed Page

Download and Try It Now!

Dowload the preseed.iso file. Brave? Try the Sid pre-seed .iso. If you have questions about Debian or want support for the new installation when successfully completed, contact
Your pre-seeded install will be Debian, just as if you had installed and done post-configuration yourself.

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