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Daniel (a.k.a. Daeng) Bo. likes his privacy, so he hasn't had an "About" page until recently.

Daniel has been involved in IT since the late 70s. He was the first person he knew to have a computer at home (a Tandy Model I with 4KB RAM). He cut his teeth on BASIC and Z80 assembly, which accounts for his total lack of ability to write any modern software. His first job as a teenager was selling IBM compatibles to local businessmen. Although he didn't graduate with a degree in computer science, he has been "The IT Guy" at every place he worked since such a title made any sense to anyone ... perhaps twenty-five years or so.

He has used Linux since the end of 1997, starting with Red Hat ... er ... 5.0, maybe. He moved to Thailand in 2000, and to get Thai support, he used Mandrake from the first version until 2002, when he switched to a local Thai version of Red Hat called "LinuxTLE." When he moved to Korea in 2004, he switched to Debian, and started using Ubuntu during Hoary's (4.10) testing phase. It's been a love/hate relationship ever since.

He uses Linux exclusively on his many computers. Most are Ubuntu in some flavor or another. Because he uses the OS every day for everything he does, he is quite aware and realistic about the many shortcomings and faults in Linux desktops, but he is still quite optimistic about its future. He often laments the fact that most devs don't eat the dog food, so they don't realize how bad it tastes sometimes.

Blogging is a hobby for Dan. He uses it to justify his addiction to IT news. Unlike many successful Ubuntu blogs, Dan has never been interested in spending much (or any, really) time promoting his blog. In fact, when he peaked at 100,000k visitors per month sometime in 2009, he quickly found his hobby becoming a job (though not paying like one) and backed off a bit. Blogging also serves to keep his productive vocabulary and more advanced grammar in regular use so that he continues to model language correctly for his students.

Daniel's nickname, Daeng, was given to him by his teachers in Thai language school. Daeng means "red" in Thai and was a common nickname hundreds of years ago: it always gets a laugh from Thais when they hear it.

He has been an educator for many years, mostly teaching EFL in Asia, but is currently seeking his secondary math certification in Austin, Texas. Wish him luck.

If you'd like to pluralize the title of this page and get your own bio here, he'd happy to let you help write for the blog. There's no pay. The Adsense revenue barely pays for the US$10 per year that Dan pays Google for the domain name.

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