Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ubuntu Open Week's Ubuntu One Session.-- Music Overages Handled, and The Future of Sync'ed Preferences

Maverick might end up eschewing GConf for DesktopCouch in order to have preference sync'ing. Is this more of a sign of Ubuntu drifting from GNOME?
<rodrigo_> daengbo, I am planning on writing a gsettings (gconf replacement) backend that stores config settings in desktopcouch
[11:40] <qense> Please not that GConf is planned to be deprecated in the future in favour of GSettings/DConf.
[11:40] <qense> note*
[11:40] <rodrigo_> daengbo, so yeah, once that is available, you could have all your settings on desktopcouch

Also, the music overage problem has been handled by simply allowing it.
daengbo asked: How are music purchases handled when your 2GB quota has been reached?
[11:53] <+aquarius> Music purchases can still be made if you've reached your quota


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