Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kubuntu's New Logo

Kubuntu logo
The old Kubuntu logo
Image via Wikipedia

Remember when I said that the new Xubuntu logo was a great model and that other projects like Kubuntu should follow in its footsteps? No? Well, I did. Here's my "I told you so" dance. First mine.

Now let's see what they really did.

Yeah, I got the "k" wrong, but in my defense, the font isn't finished or published. Oh, and theirs looks better. And the emblem is better and more inspired. And ... just about everything is better about theirs.

I suck as an artist. I suck at music, too. ;)

Look at the new boot screen.

Uh oh, old logo alert!. They definitely should have used the same arrangement in both pieces. Thanks Linuxers!

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