Friday, February 19, 2010

The Rhythmbox Music Store Plugin Has Arrived (Kinda ...)

Rhythmbox 0.11.Image via Wikipedia
Phoronix reported that the RB plugin for the Ubuntu One Music Store had been uploaded to Launchpad. Earlier this week, I was pessimistic about the possibility of the plugin beating the Lucid feature freeze. There are several projects in that predicament, donchaknow?

I searched for and downloaded the plugin. It requires a daily snapshot of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx and two extra packages (libubuntuone and python-ubuntuone) from the libubuntuone project, but everything can be installed if you are patient.

After enabling the plugin in Rhythmbox, the store appears under the Jamendo and Magnatune store entries. Choosing the Ubuntu One Music Store notifies you that you need to install MP3 codecs and offers to do it for you, apparently signaling that OGG will not be an option. This functionality is not yet complete so pressing the button does nothing.

Enabling the Universe and Multiverse repositories and installing the Fluendo MP3 codec allows us to see the actual store.

I was a little let down. Just kidding. ;) Keep your eyes peeled for updates. I'm sure a real store will appear soonish.

UPDATE: What will it look like?


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