Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ubuntu 10.04 is on the Right Track to an LTS Release

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In Ubuntu 10.04 LTS: How we get there, Matt Zimmerman goes over the differences between the recent releases' development process and Lucid's. The major differences are:

  1. Pulling from Debian Testing, not Unstable, leading to a more polished product from the get-go.
  2. An emphasis on testing instead of features, meaning that there's actually less to test.
  3. No major changes to infrastructure. PulseAudio was introduced (and lambasted) in 8.04. No one wants to see that mess again.
  4. An early beta release (and I understand there will be two betas).
  5. Coordination with Debian's release schedule, leading to more eyes on bugs.

I had real problems with the choices for 8.04, and several things were broken on release. I'm tickled to see Ubuntu taking an LTS release extremely seriously.


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