Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ubuntu 10.04: Lucid's Papercut Redux Reveals Much

Screenshot of Gwibber 2.0. See egally Gwibber 1.0.Image via Wikipedia
There is going to be a second set of papercut fixes, divided into ten rounds of ten bugs each, the first three of which will actually be about Karmic fixes that didn't get into the release.
Round four will be specifically about Empathy.
Round five will be about Gwibber. That's right, Gwibber is going to be a default app in Lucid.
Round six is going to work on sound and video, including PiTiVi. Again, that means PiTiVi will be included.
Round seven will target since The GIMP is definitely out of Lucid.
Rounds eight, nine, and ten will work on notifications (fixing the location?), Compiz, and "etc.," respectively.

To summarize -- GIMP out, Gwibber and PiTiVi in.


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