Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Making Chromium a Decent Browser

Image by via Flickr
I'm getting ready to start another 30-day "The OS is Dead" trial in honor of the first look at ChromeOS (of course I'll do it with Chromium), and that means that I need to get Chromium in shape for the trip, which it's not by default. For my purposes, that means installing the following extensions:

  • Adblock+: You'll need to make sure that Chromium is fully updated for this one to work.
  • Facebook Enhancer: This extension pins the FB menu bar and side panel during scrolling.
  • Facebook Notifications: This creates a button with notifications.
  • Gmail Checker: This does the same for GMail instead of FB.
  • Google Bookmarks: This gives access to Google Bookmarks via a button.
  • Google Tasks: This creates a (hidden) task window on every page visited.
  • Jamendo Radio: This extension puts Jamendo at your fingertips. Unfortunately, it didn't work as installed and the links needed tweaking in the options.
Since I used the Zemanta Firefox plug-in for blogging, I needed to find something similar for Chrome. Zemanta's not the greatest, but it works with a feature set comparable to off-line clients. Luckily, Zemanta has a bookmarklet which causes the controls to load on supported pages. The system isn't automatic, but in my case, that's actually better since I can compose the whole post and load the components at the end, saving refreshing.

That's all I've done so far. I still need to find a video plug-in, I guess



Funny, I have most of those extensions that you listed haha.

It's true. If chrome can make a halfway decent add-on system while keeping the breakneck speed that exists in version 4.x, They'll be some serious competition for firefox on all platforms.

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