Saturday, November 21, 2009

How to Try Out ChromeOS in Virtualbox

VirtualBoxImage via Wikipedia
First, you need to download a VMWare disk image (.vdmk). Here's a . Unpack the bz2 file to somewhere convenient. Next, open up Virtualbox (install), go to File > Virtual Media Manager and add the VDMK.

Either create a new appliance or add a second controller to an existing device. You'll need to change the network adapter to Intel Pro 1000 MT Desktop in order for the network to work.

Boot to the new hard drive and try ChromeOS out. There's not much to see, but it does launch fast, even in a VM.



excellent! thanks a lot.


I tried it and the login screen says: "Network not connected and offline login fail". I guess this is an easy to fix issue, but why should I bother with an operating system that doesn't let me login due to network problem?


Did you change your network adapter? That worked for me.

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