Sunday, June 14, 2009

GYache Improved: a Full-Featured Yahoo! IM Client

Main Window

Pidgin is a cool IM client, but a lot of people (especially ex-Windows IMers) want more than the minimal features offered by a multi-protocol IM client. Most people know about aMSN as an MSN replacements, but few know about GYache Improved, the Yahoo! IM client with packages for most major distributions. GYache Improved is a fork of GYache Enhanced, and sports the following "advanced" features:
  • voice chat,
  • webcams,
  • faders,
  • 'nicknames',
  • audibles,
  • avatars, and
  • display images
Voice Client

You can get GI packages from the download page (here's a direct link to the Launchpad PPA for Ubuntu users).

Webcam Broadcaster



thanks for posting about this project, which i have come to dearly love, heheh..

another feature that isn't mentioned in gyachi's old ABOUT page is yahoo photosharing, wherein after you activate it with another chatter, you can just drag pictures on it, (it even has a pointer,point something on the image and the other user will see.

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