Thursday, May 28, 2009

Well, That's One Reason to Support Thin Clients, I Guess

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A area prison is getting some new computers after a successful trial. These computers are running Ubuntu, but instead of being full PCs, they're net-booted and all the applications are run locally. Shutting off a computer remotely is easy, and it can't be bypassed because there's no software on the machine. The guards never even have to leave the server.

There are IT training courses on how to use the machines, and they are full. "The interface we chose was designed to resemble Windows as closely as possible so when prisoners are released back into the community they are still familiar with where things are in the Microsoft [operating system]," Andreas Wullen, business and security systems manager for ACT Corrective Services, told iTnews in Aussie prisoners escape lock-in with Ubuntu PCs.


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