Monday, March 16, 2009

Gnome Replaces Nautilus-CD-Burner With Brasero and RIP Rhythmbox

Gnome 2.26 will officially accept Brasero into the desktop and fully deprecate Gnome-CD-Burner. While I personally have preferred the simplicity of Nautilus over a dedicated burner, it's nice to see Gnome responding to user desires.

It's interesting that almost all of the functionality of Brasero could already be had from Nautilus (to burn data CDs and images), Rhythmbox (to burn audio CDs) and Totem (using the VCD/DVD burner plugin). Burning a CD from the media's application always made more sense to me.

On another note, Rhythmbox will see a 0.12 release, after which active development will cease, Jonathan Matthew feeling that the code base is too much of a dead end. This doesn't mean that it will be replaced as the default music application anytime soon, but the news could cause some distros to move toward Banshee or Exaile. There was much gnashing of teeth over at the Ubuntu Forums.

Any thoughts?



Rhythmbox is my favourite player, it's stable and seems resource-sensible. I haven't had great experiences with Banshee, it's a bit cluttered and does do exactly what I want! Shame to seem Rhythmbox development cease, hopefully someone else might pick it up again?


RB's fate saddens me, too. It's the only music management app that I use. Fast, relatively light, few bugs, and does DnD to my portable. TT_TT (That's :'( in Asia)

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