Thursday, December 4, 2008

RE: Why OS X Shrugs Off Viruses Off Better Than Windows


No third-party exploits allowed, OS X hacked: "Charlie Miller, principal analyst with Independent Security Evaluators and the researcher who found some significant flaws in Apple's iPhone last summer, compromised the Apple MacBook Air in less than a minute." --

Third-party exploits allowed: "With brand new boxes running both Ubuntu and Vista remaining, Macaulay spent day three switching back and forth between the two machines, trying to get his Flash exploit to execute properly. He was assisted by Alex Sotirov, a security researcher at VMware."

Vista hacked: "They had done some stuff in Vista to prohibit this form of attack from being successful on third party software," Macaulay said minutes after he finally commandeered the Fujitsu U810 laptop. "We had to do some porting to get around that issue.

Macaulay and Sotirov fashioned some javascript to circumvent the new measure, a feat that effectively allows them "to render that protection ineffective," Macaulay said." -- ...

Ubuntu remained unhacked, despite "Macaulay ... switching back and forth between the two machines" People need to deal with reality. For security:
Ubuntu > Vista > OS X

Not that Ubuntu is the pinnacle of security or anything ....


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