Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Notes on Chrome, Google's New Browser

Sure, you could read 38 pages of the slow-loading, comic book explanation over thirty minutes, but why should you have to?
  1. It's open source (though what license, I'm not sure).
  2. It's trying to be built form the ground up with "Web 2.0" in mind, meaning it needs a lot of Javascript speedup.
  3. It uses, not a multi-threaded design, but a multi-process-design, which incurs some extra overhead but which also means there's no memory creep and that closed tabs (each tab is a process) return 100% of the allocated memory.
  4. Because of the above, bad plug-ins or websites can't crash or freeze your entire browser, just the tab. Enter the "sad tab."
  5. Also related..., you can monitor individual websites for performance.
  6. It will use Webkit.
  7. They are touting platform independence and mention the ability to embed.
  8. The Javascript VM is going to include a JIT compiler.
  9. It's tab-oriented, and tabs can be detached.
  10. It has "porn-mode."
  11. It has a Prism-like mode for web apps like Google Docs
  12. It has a "default deny" security policy and sandboxes as much as possible.
  13. It includes Google Gears for off-line work.
There's no code, though. Until there is, it's just vaporware.


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