Thursday, September 25, 2008

Intrepid Alpha6 Deskbar Extensions

In my last Intrepid post, I tried to cover all the little things I thought would make a difference to the average desktop user, but I missed one important area: the Deskbar applet.
Although the extensions are visible in the screenshot above, I'm going to type them out here for accessibility and indexing purposes. The ones I believe to be new are emphasized (bold or strong).
  • Dictionary
  • History
  • Recent Documents
  • Web
  • Programs
  • Files, Folders, and Places
  • Computer Actions
  • Templates
  • Calculator
  • Tomboy Notes
  • Wikipedia Suggest
  • Yahoo! Suggestions
  • Yahoo! Search
  • Files and Folders Search
  • Google Code Search
  • Twitter
  • Window Switcher
  • Delicious Bookmarks
  • (not visible in the screenshot)
Extensions which are present but which had errors in teh default Intrepid install were:
  • Web Bookmarks (Epiphany)
  • Web History (Epiphany)
  • Web Searches (Epiphany)
  • Beagle Live
  • Mail (Address Book)
  • Google Search
  • Web Bookmarks (Mozilla)
  • Web History (Mozilla)
  • Web Searches (Mozilla)
  • Developer Documentation
  • Beagle
The Epiphany and Beagle extensions are obviously having errors due to the missing applications, but I don't know why the Mozilla and Mail searches are having problems. I'll look into it.

Deskbar is a great and constantly improooving part of the Ubuntu desktop. I encourage you to try it out. Alt-F3 is calling you. If you choose "search selection when triggering the shortcut" in Deskbar Preferences, everything is even easier than before.


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