Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Debian2Debian Represented Visually

Click for the full image. Solid lines are complete features. Dotted lines indicate planned features.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I have an ubuntu question - I have a A215-S7413 toshiba notebook and I'm trying to get the wireless card to work in it. People are throwing words like ndiswrapper and stuff around and I have no clue how to make it work. Can you email me a step-by-step how-to?

D.Co-hen (a.t) tulane (d.o.t). edu

no dashes, dots. Thanks!


Before I do that, this page implies that your card is an Atheros which is supported by the MadWifi driver that should be in your installation.

Try going to the restricted drivers dialog and enabling the Atheros driver, then testing the network out. You may need to reboot. I don't use Ubuntu much these days.

If that doesn't work out, let me know.

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