Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is This a Debian or a Gnome Blog? Vacation's over.

I talk about Gnome a lot when I talk about Debian. Why is that? Is my blog really about Debian or is it really a Gnome blog in disguise?

There's one answer, and it's short. Gnome is the default desktop for Debian. It's not all you can use. In fact, Debian is so large and varied that talking about any environment more than 10% of the time would be unfair. I like to stick to the defaults when I give advice, though, because it fits the largest number of people.

I'd like to spend more time exploring other DEs like Openbox (which I do use sometimes), FVWM-Crystal, or even KDE, but I have a lot of work to do and I don't like to spend too much time futzing around. I'll do what I can to get some reviews of the DEs/WMs in Debian up over the next few weeks. Don't expect anything in-depth, though, because I don't use them enough to make those kinds of remarks.

Speaking of getting work done, my week and a half of vacation is over tomorrow, and I'll be a lot quiter than I have been. The time's been good, though. I got Games That Work off the ground with almost 60 games, I finished the pre-seeds and did the site/documentation for it, and I got the first iteration of D2D out the door. I need to improve my scripting and packaging skills. Now that's a place to spend that spare time I don't have.

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