Monday, May 26, 2008

Thank You, Google Docs!

A couple of months ago, I made a feature request to Google to add the ability to insert a video into a presentation. I mentioned that it should be pretty simple to just allow videos from YouTube or Google and use an embed tag. I'm not sure how recently they added the functionality, but it was there when I went to create a presentation for my class.

Thanks Google! You're getting there little by little.



I do some writing so found your item on Lyx interesting. I also have a blog at wordpress and run Debian Lenny. The question I have is: do you know of a good app for off line blog post writing? As most of the time I am writing for my blog I'm off line, and I also need to keep the posts locally. Something like ecto would be good. I don't mind using wine if necessary until someting native comes along.


Not really, but the method I've used a couple of times is to do it in OO.o with the Google Apps extension. When you get back online, you will sync with Google and can publish to your blog from Google Apps. You have to check the formatting first, though.

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