Thursday, May 15, 2008

Special Mime Types for Directories

Mac OSX has application bundles. Rox has directories instead of .desktop launchers. Now Guillaume Schmid wants to add the possibility of mime-types for directories.

One example raised was folders with mirrored web pages. The folder contains an index file and all the other pages, possibly with graphics and stylesheets, as well. Should double clicking on the folder open the index in your browser?

Another possibility is Audacity, Kine, or any other application which keeps a large number of working files. This would probably simplify things quite a bit for the users.

One thing that would have to be sorted out first is how to identify when the user wanted to browse the contents (i.e. to edit files) and when the user wanted to open the directory with the default application.

I don't think that it would cause any disruption at first because no apps would support it. As apps support the concept, they add their mime-type to the list. Am I wrong?

I vote "yes."


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