Saturday, December 22, 2007

LinuxMCE is the Sexiest Thing I've Ever Seen!

Highlights of the video

  • Simple installation with video assistance during installation
  • Full-screen media at all times
  • DVDs play when inserted
  • Windows IR remotes are plug and play
    • The remote operation uses only three buttons
    • The gyro in the remote helps in navigation
    • Either relative or absolute movement in a video
    • Extremely simple operation emphasizing the most common activities, with less common activities still accessible
  • Simple DVR setup
    • Customizable guides with icons
    • Bookmarked TV shows appear at the top of the guide
    • Filter and search
    • Commercial skip
  • Network storage devices with media automatically recognized and imported
  • Powers A/V equipment on and off automatically
  • Cable PVR boxes need to be set up manually, but all functions work
    • Cable can be streamed to any room with A/V equipment
    • Able to receive HD content with seamless changing between the MCE and the cable box
    • Any remote set up in MCE will control the cable box
  • DVD jukebox is plug and play
  • Web browsing
  • Control lighting and other household functions
    • Can auto-dim lights in any room where the TV is playing
    • One-click "go to bed" will turn all lights off, set the security, and forward calls
  • Additional media locations only need a tiny thin client
    • Remote will automatically bind to the closest thin client
    • Cable, including pay-per-view, can be forwaded to any room
    • Media will even follow you from room to room with one click
      • walk out of the bedroom and the movie moves to the kitchen with you
      • A/V equipment powers on and off automatically
  • Network audio stations can supply music to any room
  • Bluetooth phones can controll everything, too
    • View status from your phone
    • Even talk to the intruder
  • Security system with webcams, motion detectors, and audio
  • IP phones
  • Integrated voice mail
  • Floor plans of your house control everything intuitively
  • Many more advanced features
Unbelievable. I've been talking about my future A/V system in my permanent house in Thailand for a couple of years now. I've found my dream system!


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