Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Install Deluge and Enjoy Bittorrent Freedom

If you've recently installed Ubuntu and tried to download something via Bittorrent, you'll have noticed that a bittorrent client is installed by default. Just like the rest of Ubuntu's applications, you'll everything you need to operate day-to-day already installed. The basic bittorrent client has few options, though, and downloading more than one torrent at a time can be difficult, and there isn't any way to limit the upload or download speed globally, only per torrent.

Many users install Azureus to get a full-featured bittorrent client, but it is slow and uses a large amount of memory. uTorrent isn't available on Linux, but a nice little Gnome-friendly app called Deluge is!

It can easily handle ten or more torrents without affecting your CPU or memory in a significant way. The Deluge site says
When Deluge was first released in September 2006, it was very limited and lacking in features, but over the last year, Deluge has been one of, if not the most rapidly developed bittorrent client on the web. Now, Deluge is among the most feature-rich clients in development (second only to Azureus, but without the bloat, and ahead of µTorrent according to , and it does this without the need of tools such as Java or Wine. Deluge was created with the intention of being lightweight and unobtrusive. It is our belief that downloading shouldn’t be the primary task on your computer, and therefore shouldn’t monopolize system resources.
Deluge offers a large number of plugins, too, extending the funtionality of Deluge.

Linkage is another client that works well within Ubuntu, but it's still quite new and lacks the features (especially the plugins) that Deluge has.

Good luck torrenting!!!


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