Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why I Increasingly Like Google Docs

When I first started using Google Docs, things were a little iffy. There were lots of problems, especially related to the HTML input: I still routinely jump into the HTML mode to correct some formatting issue that's bugging me, like a div or span that won't close. I stayed on, though, because I'm using Ubuntu Linux and is just too damn slow for my tastes. That's right! You heard me. The local app is much slower than a web app. OO.o guys, start code cleanup on that mess you're brewing, please. The features are killer, but the speed is a killer.

The New Look

I do pretty much everything on Docs now, and was working on a new lesson plan for about two hours, when I went back to the Docs & Spreadsheets page to tag some of my documents. Things weren't working correctly. I decided that the page may have timed out since I hadn't used it in a while, so I refreshed and was greeted by a brand new interface. And by brand new, I mean completely fucking different. I actually though a different site was coming up by accident. It took me a minute to see what they'd done, but then I realized the just changed tags for folders. The sidebar is a nice addition, though. Everything seems easier to get at now. Mandatory screenshot below:
Anyway, I'll be doing a bit on Docs main points later, as a part in my series on Ubuntu apps. Hehe. That's cute. No, I won't be doing OO.o.


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