Monday, May 7, 2007

Frist Psot!

I've been a Linux user for almost ten years now, and Ubuntu since 4.10 (that's Oct 2004, the first version of Ubuntu) It has its fair share of kinks, but does better than most other distros.

I started off with Red Hat and then Mandrake. The first Mandrake was the first distro that I could install and run without problems. It also supported Thai, my second language. When I lived in Thailand, I used LinuxTLE, based on Red Hat. In Korea, it didn't make sense to use LinuxTLE, So I tried Fedora and Debian. I stuck with Debian until Ubuntu came out.

Ubuntu 7.04 is a nice piece of work. There is a lot of work in getting's suggestions into place, including unified multimedia capabilities based on DBus. I suspect that 7.10 will be unstoppable. I hope that the recent deal with Dell doesn't turn Canonical to the dark side.


Anonymous said...

Hello..I enjoyed your blog. The ubuntu theme is neat. I clicked one of the google ads for support.

I have thought many times about blogging about something Linux related. How is this going for you?




I started the blog to help two friends get familiar with Ubuntu, but now I just do it for fun.

I enjoy it, and I keep learning new stuff.

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