Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ubuntu Week's Social From the Start Session -- Ubuntu Updates and the MeMenu

Image by via Flickr
I posted a suggestion to jcastro which he seemed to like: setting up Gwibber on OS installation to be set following Ubuntu and Ubuntu One announcements so that users can be aware of major bugs in updates (and not update or find the fix) and know about Ubuntu One outages.

I understand that Ubuntu (or Canonical) runs its own StatusNet server, so accounts could be given to new users during the installation if they didn't already have one. More integratiion could be found between help and application resources using status update messages.

There were many proposed services: Google Buzz has planned support, was suggested, and there was even official talk of linking to Gwibber's new API to allow viewing friend's photos inside F-Spot.

Qense also mentioned using Software Center to share thought about a certain application. I suppose it could be used to ask questions, as well.

There is talk of getting the Gwibber service to run headless on an Ubuntu server installation so that LoCo teams can use their new StatusNet subdomains automatically.twitter


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