Saturday, May 16, 2009

Playing with a D2D update and Debian Pre-Seeds

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I've been mulling over what I want to do to update my D2D project, and I'm considering using Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty because the default inclusion of the Coherence uPnP plugin makes my video-sharing work a lot easier. That and the photo sharing were the two parts I didn't finish last summer. In summary, I need to
  1. Set up a simple uPnP server (likely ushare) on the D2D server automatically sharing /home/Videos, and
  2. Write a DPAP server (iPhoto sharinng protocol) in Perl and install .
  3. Change the crappy Tangerine DAAP server back to mt-daapd since it has been re-included in Lenny and is also in Jaunty.
These are pretty trivial, actually.

My major problem with D2D right now is the "bug" in Debian Lenny and Ubuntu Jaunty where many ISPs and routers use a .local domain which disables Avahi/Zeroconf. This is not really a bug -- it's desired behavior, but it gets in my way. The check for the .local domain can be disabled, but to do that by default on D2D is not the way to go. Leaving the bad behavior means that D2D doesn't actually "just work" for half of the folks who will install it. I'm kind of at an impass right now.

The Debian Pre-seed project still works as expected and doesn't really need to be updated, but I've been using as a cheap host (files up to 10MB), which is now being moved over to Google Sites. The migration is automatic, but I'm likely to lose some files for a few days. I backed them all up in that case.


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