Saturday, March 14, 2009

OpenOffice and GVFS-FUSE

 As of 1:3.0.1-5ubuntu1 in Ubuntu Jaunty OOo will be using gvfs fuse instead of gnome-vfs or gio. This is because both gnome-vfs and gio support in OOo is buggy. Currently gnome-vfs fails to save documents properly and enabling gio causes OOo to not start at all. Of course using gvfs fuse has exposed numerous bugs as well, before gvfs 1.1.8 it did not support ftruncate well enough for OOo to save files. It does work now but there are still a few bugs with saving to ftp and webdav.
Wow! Talk about pain .... This has the potential to be a train-wreck in the same way PulseAudio + Adobe Flash was in 8.04. Loss of data? I hope this is ironed out before Jaunty goes gold!


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