Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ubuntu Jaunty now with option for encrypted Home directory

Ubuntu Jaunty Alpha 4 is out, and running through the installation brings up an interesting option: you can have an encrypted home directoy automatically unlocked when you log in. It's a huge feature for average users. While this isn't "full-disk encryption," nothing on your disk outside of your home directory is likely to contain anything but Ubuntu packages. Temporary files are deleted on reboot.

Congratulations, Jaunty, on a major step forward!

Your laptop data is not safe. So fix it. (


Anonymous said...

Beware that /var/www, MySQL databases in the default installation, will be vulnerable.
Also, although it is true that temporary files are deleted upon reboot, they can still be recovered if not encrypted.


worse yet, swap file? any memory written to disk containing sensitive information? i was a little upset that Jaunty doesn't offer full disk encryption :(

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