Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Would you lease a computer?

UK providers are increasingly offering . This brings up a questions about whether you would lease a notebook or not.

If the provider offered free use of a netbook or notebook (your choice) with basic needed software for a two-year data contract, would you go for it? The machine would, of course, be under warranty for that entire time, and after two years, you would turn it in and receive a newer model if you signed up for another two years.

Would it work for you? Do you need to own your machine? What kinds of ToS clauses would turn you off from such a deal?

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While it's a good idea, I prefer the control I have over my own machines.

The current cellphone scene bothers me, I want my phone to be like my PC or laptop: my choice of OS, my choice of software. Shifting the PC or laptop to the current cellphone model would be a regression for me.

However, if the companies lease just the hardware, rather than the hardware/software combination, it may be a different matter.

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