Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dumbest things I was told in 2008

Some of these are computer related, but some aren't.
  1. That changing incorrect instructions couldn't be done because it would break translations (which were also, obviously, incorrect and already broken). -- Debian and Ubuntu developer.
  2. That a virus destroyed someone's hard drive. -- A friend
  3. That this same hard drive had to be replaced for 110K won (~$100) when it was still only a month old and under warranty. -- same friend (Sorry, dude -- you're on the list twice.)
  4. That employees "worry too much about what's in their contract." -- Superintendant of the shool district when she tried to make everyone work unpaid overtime.
  5. "Do you want to hamburger?" -- An English teacher for the district teaching a unit on want.
  6. "How do I install a .tar.gz? When I type 'dpkg -i file.tar.gz'' it fails." -- System administrator.
  7. "Your an idiot." -- Sogoodsofarsowhat
  8. "I made the front page of Digg." -- Me (Like ... who cares?)


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