Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My home server is back up, so ...

My home server had been down for a few weeks, so I had trouble setting up and moving forward on my Debian2Debian project, but things are back to normal now. I've reinstalled the system and stuff is mostly working right now, though there are a few snags.
  • WebDAV + Avahi works beautifully, but Nautilus appears to cache the entire file in memory before transfer to the share, so I can't transfer files larger than about 1.3GB. There is no error. The progress meter just stops and the estimated time adjusts itself continuously. I'll file a bug.
  • I didn't want Tangerine, so I brought in mt-daapd from Sid to share the music and it works fine. More than fine, actually. Beautiful, as always (I've been using it for years).
  • uPnP is giving me a headache right now. None of the available tools (MediaTomb and GMediaServer) seem to talk to the Coherence Totem uPnP plugin. MythTV has uPnP, so I'm going to install and try that. Since I'm at it, I'm going to hook the server up to the TV and use Myth there. I may need to end up writing my own Coherence script to make a basic server. At least that would be light.
  • DPAP is only available via Perl. F-Spot doesn't support it in the main trunk yet.
  • I'll start working on a backup solution soon.
  • The easiest way to see everything on the ZeroConf/Avahi side is to use the Gnome Service Discover Applet, but it hard-codes Nautilus into the applet so that some URIs don't open. The solution is to open and change
    cmdline = ["nautilus", url ]
    cmdline = ["xdg-open", url ]
    cmdline = ["gnome-open", url ]
I'll keep you informed. Hopefully, I'll have some pre-seed mini.isos up for the completed servers (both Debian Lenny and Ubuntu 8.04.1) and clients (Debian Sid and Ubuntu 8.10) within the next couple of weeks.


gasparov said...

Mediatomb talsk to rhythmbox here

For a complete upnp system you shoud look for a mediarender too...


The Coherence uPnP plugin for Totem handles the rendering, so I've got that part. Elisa and the Coherence GStreamer renderer are also options, but I'd rather have media player stay consistent.

Mediatomb is good and interesting, but I'm having trouble getting it to talk to Totem. I think scripting Coherence to be the server will probably be easier, since I need to automatically add the contents of the /home/Videos directory to the uPnP share when I make the pre-seed for this.

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