Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cool New Happenings in uPnP and Telepathy Land

There's some really cool stuff going on right now, and a lot of it is happening with stuff behind the scenes like Coherence and Telepathy.

1. Telepathy Integration Into Elisa Media Center

This video shows how Elisa can use Telepathy to share recommended media to other media centers on the local network or in chat rooms using Jabber.

2. Media Sharing in Nautilus Using Coherence

There is now the first sign of a uPnP plug-in for Nautilus. Just right-click on a folder and share the videos to uPnP devices. Pretty slick!

3. Coherence Not Gnomey Enough? There's GuPnP ... Ooops ... Rygel.

Rugel is a Gnome app (re)written completely in Vala. It is pretty much feature-complete and is now being hosted by Gnome. Welcome to Rygel!.

From the announcement:
1)The world's first fully open hardware/software. All system source(BIOS, kernel, drivers etc.) are open source, no close firmware needed.

2)High performance. Tests show that our platform is among the best performance for 7"-9"ultra mobile laptops.

3)Low power. Peak power ~12Watt for SSD version.

4)Low cost. We provide very competitive price.

5)High quality. This product is designed and produced by Quanta Computer, the No.1 notebook OEM factory.

6)Rich expandablity: optional HDD/wifi/camera, internal USB connector for expansion of GPS/Bluetooth etc.


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