Saturday, July 5, 2008

Six Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Deskbar

Deskbar is often associated with search and only search. Sure, you can search you files, search Yahoo!, search, or even search for a word in a dictionary, but did you know that you could DO stuff, too?

1. Create a New Tomboy Note: If you have the Tomboy Notes plugin enabled, you will have the choice to create a new note with the Deskbar text. It's a lot easier than creating a new note, selecting the default "New Note 145" and renaming it.

2. Create a New Document From a Template: If you have documents that you often use as templates, put them in your "Template" directory and name them something descriptive. If you enable the Templates plugin for Deskbar, you'll be given the option to create a new file from them, and you'll even be asked the location for the new file. After that, the file will be opened for editing automatically.

3. Shutdown or Reboot Your Computer: Enable the "Computer Actions" plug-in and you'll be able to log out, reboot, or shut down your computer. You will need the permissions to do these actions for them to appear, of course.

4. Switch to a Running Program: Enable the "Window Switcher" plug-in, and you can find a running program just by typing in its name.

5. Launch a Program: Enable the "Programs" plug-in, and you will be able to launch that program. It operates like the very popular program Gnome Do.

6. Send Mail: If you enable "Mail (Address Book)" then you can start typing in a friend or colleague's name or e-mail address and be able to send a message to him or her. This appears to only work with the Evolution address book.

Plug-ins I'd like to see:
1. Pidgin and Telepathy plug-ins so that you could type a contact's name to send an IM.

2. A Rhythmbox plug-in to search for an artist or album and being playing it.

3. A F-Spot plug-in to search for tags and bring up the related photos.

4. An Ekiga plug-in similar to the IM ones in order to initiate a call.


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