Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Pain of Loss

Last week, our network at work was down for 95% of the time due to a worm infestation that installed a backdoor and countless other pieces of malware. The worm spread to almost every computer in this location and IT's attempts to eradicate it failed every time. The IT department eventually decided to reinstall every computer in the building (except mine, of course) and restore from backups.

It didn't work. The backups were infected, too.

I just watched as the woman who sits next to me sobbed for 15 minutes because the last few weeks' work (at least -- I don't really know the whole time frame) was completely lost and she's going to have to recreate it, probably on her own time. I guess the oldest backups available may be infected, too

The drama is still unfolding, and she's started crying again.


Windows XP + untrained IT staff.


The autistic nerd in me is just happy that the pain isn't mine.


Count Shrimpula said...

"The autistic nerd in me is just happy that the pain isn't mine."

Brilliant! I want that on a bumper sticker.

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